About us

Nestrade is a company of the Nestlé Group, offering integrated trading solutions to Nestlé factories and companies worldwide.


The evolution of trading at Nestlé

In 1977, The Nestlé World Trade Corporation (NWTC) was founded to support the geographical expansion of Nestlé, especially in emerging markets, by exporting Nestlé branded products across the world. 

The Birth of Nestrade

In October 2003, the activities of the company were redefined and NWTC became Nestrade. From then, Nestrade continued to manage the export of branded products, while adding to its portfolio the procurement and export of technical equipment, ingredients and raw materials.

Today, with operating offices established in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Vietnam, Nestrade purchases and exports:

  • Technical equipment
  • Finished Nestlé products
  • Ingredients and raw materials

Management Team

The management of Nestrade business day-to-day is taken care off by our management team, located in Switzerland and in our subsidiaries in Ecuator, Vietnam and Costa Rica.

Meet our Management Team.


Nestrade is based in Switzerland and has offices in Asia and South America to support its global activities. Click here to find our offices.